• Vintage Sterling Silver Large Bat Necklace with Turquoise


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    An incredible and unusual statement necklace from the late 20th Century. The main feature of the necklace is a large lifelike bat that has been crafted out of sterling silver with beautiful detail across the creature's wings and face. There is particular emphasis on the face and ears of the bat allowing it to make a real statement on the neck. At the centre of the piece is a large turquoise gemstone that represents the body and the piece hangs on a sterling silver snake link chain. There is a dog clip clasp that would sit at the back of the neck that shows a little wear.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (marked), Turquoise, likely stabilised.

    Age - Late 20th Century

    Size - The bat measures 68mm wide by 32mm tall. The necklace length is approx 18" long with the bat adding approx 1.5" to this length.

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 24.37g