• Late Georgian Coral Snake Bracelet

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    A wonderful piece from the late Georgian period, c1820s. This gorgeous bracelet has been made in the design of a snake with a beautiful articulated body and a lovely looking face. The bracelet is made entirely from natural coral and has hinges between each of the wonderful 'scales' to ensure there is excellent movement throughout that creates a lifelike effect. The face of the snake has a playful quality and his expression is rather friendly with a human style tongue rather than a forked one. The head and tail are joined to the side and there is a gold clasp at the end of the neck, testing as 9ct gold, that unfastens to place the bracelet on your wrist.

    The bracelet likely started life without a clasp and with the tail and head not joined. These bracelets normally coiled around the wrist in a row of two or three wraps. It has been altered over time expertly, perhaps for the sake of security on the wrist, and it now feels very stable when in place. It has the feeling of always having been as such, with a couple of notable joints (see notes below). All pieces are entirely original making this a wonderful and rare piece.


    Materials - Coral, 9ct Gold

    Age - C1820s

    Size - The head of the snake measures approx 28mm long. The bracelet is approx 10mm wide at the widest point with a slight graduation in size around the piece. The bracelet would fit a smallish wrist, not much bigger than 6".

    Condition - There are some minor chips to the coral here and there on the scales, commensurate with age. There are signs of glue to the bottom of the smooth tail where it meets the scales and where the head and tail have been joined together. Both areas feel very secure and it has been done well. The bottom lip of the mouth has likely been damaged in antiquity. All details noted for accuracy only - this piece has been well loved, but remains a beautiful wearable rare item and the price has been adjusted according to condition.

    Weight - 22.33g