Eva Antiques is owned and run by myself, Isobel Eva Tunnecliff who since 2007, has been scouring the UK for the best in antique jewelry, paying particular attention to quality and design. I have traded in antique jewelry at antiques fairs all over the UK, particularly London, and online since then. 

In 2015, I moved to America with my young family to see what life would be like across the ocean and to try the jewelry business in another location. Having broadened my knowledge in an alternative market, and after much success and adventure, in 2018 we relocated back to the UK. Life and business resumes as normal and we continue to trade worldwide, shipping to many international locations.

I began my career in the fashion industry and have 10 years experience as a buyer of female clothing and accessories, yet my passion has always lain in the world of antiques. Both my parents were antique dealers for the majority of their working lives; my father dealt in antique furniture in the crazy heyday of the '80s, and my mother was an antique silver dealer. They made a living solely from this intriguing trade and I have been brought up in an alternative, vintage world. They say, once it is in your blood, it never leaves! 

I soon realised that I wanted to create my own path and even during the many visits to antiques fairs that we frequented, I was looking in the jewelry cases. I made this dream a reality by working with a jewelry dealer at Portobello Antiques Market in London for a number of years, firstly working alongside her and then progressing to working alone. From there, I have spent time with a bench jeweler in the back rooms of Hatton Garden and studied the details of diamond grading. I continue to work as a 'one man band' and am the sole buyer for the business, though I very much enjoy the close community within the antique jewelry business and the incredible knowledge that that brings. 

Eva Antiques sells antique jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian eras with a touch of Georgian and Art Deco here and there. My main passion is jewelry from the Georgian period as the rarity of the piece is so appealing and they show true craftsmanship in their handmade simplicity. Another area of adoration are rose cut diamonds, which were so often used during this period. Insect, snake and animal jewelry, particularly from the Victorian period, ignites a personal curiosity and makes a true statement with its quirky contradiction.